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04-20-2004, 09:38 AM
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Originally Posted by 303Joe
and never said anything about playoff tickets. Bottom line the isles deserved to lose the last 2 playoff series as they were outplayed. Last year vs Ottawa was awful and the only reason they made it was because the rangers were just as bad down the stech and the Isles had a lead before falling apart and winning 5 of the last 22 games i believe. This year the Lightning top players showed up and the isles top players didn't once again and thus has to be a major concern. The Lightning also jumped on every isles mistake from the game 4 giveaway by Jonsson and the Aucoin pinch that resulted in a 2 on 1 goal and the final game in OT when jonsson failed to get the puck St. Louis. I'm not upset w/ what happen 3 yrs ago vs the Leafs as it was a great 7 game series. Sure the Isles have some problems. But some postives came out of the season DiPietro showed he belongs in the NHL as he played well in the playoffs yes he lost but also had no goal support. Hunter had a good rookie year w/ 25 goals, the Tin Man Kvasha had 60 points but he along w/ the other Tin Man yashin did noithing. They still have a good d in place and soem younger d men coming up in Brno Gervias, Ryan Caldwell and Tomi Pettinen.
With this said you guys should not be making fun of a team getting knocked out in the 1st round for 3 years. You're team showed absolutly nothing down the strech with many youngster getting plenty of playing time and doing nothign with it. The great jamie Lundmark was a no show for the last 30 despite getting plenety f chances to do something, Josef Balej had a goal or two but nothing else. One postive was Tutin who although made a mistake or two which is expected for a young player especially a d man. But you goaltending is still in shambles w/ a big ? mark on Blackburn, and I'm sure you saw enough of Dunham who only seemed to win vs the isles. Sure the isles have some problems but the Rangers problems are much worse sure you got some Ok prospects in the trades and have #6 pick this year anlong w/a bunch of picks in the 2nd round. But you guys know these picks are a crap shoot what did Sather say before the season that 50% of all 1st round picks don;t make it to the NHL. Just because you looking to rebuild doesn't mean going to happen quickly of it happens at all. Good luck in the offseason.
Joe, you are unlike some of the Isle trolls who came here at season's end. And, granted we have our share of exported trolls. Yes, many Ranger fans take solace in watching the Islanders and Devils bow out quickly. As for your attempt to throw ice water on the optimism that many of us a re finally feeling after seeing this team actually approach a rebuild, well, sounds like a bit of sour grapes. To pick Lundmark out as the example of why this rebuild might be doomed to fail is missing the point. Balej, Tyutin, Pock and Murray all showed various glimpses ofd promise. And, the overall depth of the organization was greatly improved. No one pick in this upcoming draft will determine the outcome of this franchise. Amonte, Weight and Richter were all 2nd round picks; Elias was a 2nd round pick, and Bryan McCabe was taken in the third round. This organization needs to do its homework in order to be succesful.

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