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04-20-2004, 10:17 AM
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Well, well, well....

What a turn of events, I told you guys the Habs would win, and I also told you guys that they would polish off the Bruins with an empty netter! It was all part of my vision, and here's how it went...

The night the Habs lost game 4 after the "Slashgate" incident, like everyone on this board, I was pretty depressed, I went out with my friends and they all made fun of me and my team, very upsetting as i'm sure most of you had the same treatment...I came home that night "under the influence" and I kind of passed out or feel into some kind of weird daze, it's hard to explain...anyways, during my daze, I had all theses images of the Habs, current players, former players, it was like reliving all my previous childhood memories of the Habs, I know, very weird...So after all this I woke up at exactly, and I really mean this, 7:00am for some reason, and I couldn't go back to sleep, and I had a huge headache...a couple of days before, I was leaving work and I had my backpack on me, which contained a numrous things including a mini Habs towel, I had a bunch of change on me, a 5$ bill, and 15$ in loonies, I didn't feel like carrying all the change in my pocket so I just threw it in my bag, and proceeded to catch the bus...back to the day after "Slashgate" that moring I was going through my things looking for my buspass, I reached in my bag, and I pulled out my mini Habs towel, frustrated at the previous night's events, I threw it on the wall...I heard a noise once it hit the wall, I walked over and trapped in the towel, was the 5$ bill and on the floor, right next to the towel, was two loonies...which if you can't count makes 7$ the time I didn't think much of it, but as I slowly regained composure and I came on this board I got to thinking....Damn that was a sign, I never doubted them for a second after there you have it, it's not much of a story, but neverthesless, I'm happy I shared it with all of you and it came true...

BTW...happy April 20...4:20

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