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04-20-2004, 11:14 AM
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I have been thinking about this all week. To be honest, I think something is very wrong w/ this team, and I am not talking about the tallent on the ice.

Last season (02-03), the Blues played 40 minute games. Usually coming out of the first down by one goal. Infact at some point tword the end of the year, they had 20+ wins after falling behind in the 1st period.

This year, we had the same problem, only playing 30-40 minute games. The starts varied, either strong and sit back or getting lucky late in the game/overtime. In my mind, this started when Turgeon left and Weight came on board. When the team won the Presidents trophy and then got the the Western Conference finals the following year, they worked hard. Some say they over acheived, but to do that one must outwork the other team.

I am not saying that I blame Weight. I am just pointing this out. Over the last two years, this team has become complacent and inconsistent. Something needs to be done.

I didn't like Q's D first system, where we sat back and clogged up the neutral zone (what we played this past year). It caused the team to sit back to far and let the other team build momentum. At least two years ago, Q had a system that allowed our creative players, Demitra and Cajanek and Weight to create opportunities on the rush. This didn't happen this past season. Yes, I know we didn't have the snipers, but... I don't think Q or K really used the teams stregnths. (Despite having Mel on the team, we are not slow at forward and could skate with most teams).

I was really peaved and still am that K was given a long term contract w/o so much as a half season interm to see what he could do. There are better options out there. (Yes, I would still love to see Nolan behind the bench).

Sorry, that was a rant about the system...

Now for the players. The team must decide if they want to compete for the playoffs, be a contender, or win the draft lotto for Crosby (We can do that if all 4 are dumped for prospects).

Personally, I think One of the big 3 needs to go, but he has to bring back something decent in return (which is why we can't dump Walt - we would have to eat his contract and what we would get back is kind of up in the air). It is between Demitra, which Cajanek could replace, or Weight. Teams that would bring either in would be LA, Toronto, Buffalo, Philli (Reccki and Primeau are UFAs), or Nashville (yes the Preds). I think the Preds would have a lot of interest in Weight, he would take them to the next level and create a strong 2nd line. LA will not be paying Allison or Deadmarsh so they have financial room and they need to make the playoffs because they are in LA. Buffalo has room and so does Toronto.

Moving Demitra is written in stone. He would bring back Satan (if we want to compete next year) or Antropov (build for the future) so we would have a good winger.

Moving Weight will be based on either signing a UFA or bringing up Pohl. But it will be a lot of pressure for Pohl to jump into a top 6. Shoot, maybe we move Weight for a decent prospect (Carter, please... but not likely) and a mid round pick. Glad I don't have to make that decision.

The D is set, but I would look to add Modry for depth and to tutor Backman on running the point. Pollock and Stuart and Walker can fight for the 6,7,and 8 spot.

Bring up Sejna and Glumac and maybe Pohl.

Lines would look like this:

1. Walt, Cajanek, Sejna
2. Satan/Antropov, Pohl, Glumac
3. Drake, Sillinger, Bogie
4. Mayers, Rycroft, and Johnson (Low will bounce in and out w/ Walker as enforcer)

Pronger, Modry
Jackman, Backman
Salvador, Stuart or Walker

Osgood and Sanford

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