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02-15-2008, 10:53 AM
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Originally Posted by javorka View Post
...The really funny thing is the parents who are most vocal are often the ones who feel their players are stronger than they really are, and get really offended if anyone even suggests otherwise.
Thought I had better qualify this - no, you can't go around saying someone else's kid is a weak player. But some parents take offense if you say something like, "Johnny's backward skating is sure improving" because they think you're implying he wasn't a strong backward skater to begin with. I have so little patience for stuff like that!

Actually just last night my husband and I were talking about a concern that has been brought to him from one of the parents on our youngest son's team. (He's coaching the team this year.) It's a case where the player has good skills, but a poor work ethic. In trying to help this child play to his potential, the coaching staff needs to be push him (among others) to play hard every shift. Apparently this is causing the child an undo amount of stress. So what is a coach to do? My husband is almost to the point of simply opening and closing gates and not giving the kids any feedback. I'm really sorry to hear him say that, because I believe he's got a lot to offer these players. Like MikeD said, though, it only takes one parent to suck the fun out of a season...

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