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Originally Posted by mcphee
I'm real curious about how teams will proceed the day after the playoffs end. Is it business a s usual, or will no one negotiate with anyone until a CBA is in place. I've seen a lot of fan speculation on all team boards, but have any GM's discussed this summer ? It wouldn't shock me if there were no negotians whatsoever, or if certain teams went hog wild. Same goes with draft day trades. Can the Habs for example make an offer to Kovalev without knowing the rules going into whenever hockey is played next ?
It does seem to be a very unstable situation. The BoG supposedly wants a salary cap and the NHLPA wants the (free) market to determine salaries. To paraphrase a columnist, the situation in the NHL now is that players don't trust owners, owners don't trust players' unions, and owners don't trust their fellow owners. So, to me, it looks like it's biz-as-usual-dog-eat-dog until a CBA is signed.

BTW, my loyalties lie with the players - they have allowed the market to determine salaries. When owners go out and sign contracts like Yashin's ($90-million over 10 years?) and then complain about sky-rocketing salaries who can seriously believe anything they say about the economics of the game.

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