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02-15-2008, 05:05 PM
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1. Don't screen your own goalie.
Doesn't matter if you're trying to block a shot or clear the crease. Make sure your goaltender has a clear line of sight to the puck.
2. Communicate with your d-partner and listen to your goalie
Your goalie has the best view of the ice. If he starts yelling something, be sure you listen! If you're in the corner retrieving a puck he may call out that you have an opponent coming on hard to steal it. If he's covering one post then one of the defenseman needs to cover the weak side. Likewise, you should talk to the other defenseman and tell him which player you will cover, who should go into the corner and who should cover the net, etc.
3. The boards are your friend, the slot is your enemy
When the puck's in your end the #1 priority is getting it under control and out of the zone. Keep it, and opponents, out of the slot because it offers the best chance for goal scoring. If you can knock the puck away from an opponent, at least push it toward the boards and out of danger. Clear the puck along the boards -- your wingers should know to be there waiting for a breakout pass. And try to avoid making a lateral pass in your own end -- it's easy for an opponent to pick it off and take a quick shot on goal.

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