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Originally Posted by Waterboy View Post

Some quick questons.

When do you make a smart pinch vs. a stupid pinch? When you are down or up on the scoreboard? ONLY when you know you'll win the race? Only when you have someone covering? When the hot puck in the 5th row is watching? All the above??
If you've got a capable D partner behind you you can afford to pinch. Also if you're leading the other team by a wide margin. I guess it all depends on your team's attitude and whether they like to goof off or if they hate to give up bad goals.

When the play is downlow I always find myself covering one guy and a second is left open or beats his guy to the net and is open for a crosscrease pass...If I'm alone infront with two guys do I try to cover both (stay between them) or do I just take my man and hope the centre of other guy figures it out?
If there's a lot of traffic in front of the net you should play a zone rather than a man-to-man defense. If you know your opponents, try to focus on the top player who's looking to get open but otherwise anticipate the pass and try to keep the target from receiving it.

Quote: there any point to chasing a guy from behind the net or just stay on my post? I see a lot of guys that come down around the boards, behind the net and stop in the corner or at the hash marks looking for a pass. Its a low percentage shot and if they are standing still, do you challenge them or stay between them and the net (assuming the other D man has the guy in front covered)?
Try to wait him out if possible. He can't score from behind the net so the first priority is to cover the front. You can try to pressure him to come out but only if your partner (and possibly the center) are there to cover for you.

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