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04-20-2004, 06:26 PM
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Originally Posted by thestonedkoala
Um Sushi...

The reason that CBJ would move down is because Barker wouldn't be there and we could draft a higher player like Schremp, Ladd, Tukonen...
That's exactly the point. If it's gonna take Schultz to move up THAT FAR then it better be because we're looking for a more elite d-man than what Schultz would be (a stupid move on its own accord that I could only support if Barker was there and Doug though he was the second coming of Bobby Orr). This team is thin enough on young talent on the blueline that we shouldn't be dumping our best defensive talent, without replacing him, just to upgrade from Picard to Schremp, Malkin, Tukonen, or whoever else you want. Why don't we dump Gaborik while we're at it too, I betcha if we threw in Dupuis we could jockey for position to get Wolski and Schremp!

The point is, 4 is not the place to be trading up for the Wild, it's too far, you're paying too much of a premium. If the Wild were really big on a guy, say Schremp or Thelen, and he falls to the #8 position, and for some reason Carolina isn't in love with them, that's when we could ponder a trade. But mortgaging the future just to upgrade from 12 to 4 in this draft is lunacy.

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