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02-18-2008, 02:39 AM
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Actually the best way to measure goalie pads is to determine your ATK (ankle-to-knee). Have a seat, find some measuring tape, and measure from your ankle bone to the middle of your knee cap. Then multiply that number by 2. This is GENERALLY the recommended size of your goal pad. Personal play style and comfort level of course affect this. I'm 5'6" with an ATK of 16.5inches, and I use 33+1 goal pads. But I play an almost completely butterfly style game, and benefit from somewhat longer pads.

With regards to those pads you found, decent price, but I think they're too short for you unless your style of play is completely stand-up style. If you go down to butterfly, your knees are going to be exposed. Not only that, but I don't think your knee is going to be in the middle of the cradle anyway (as MikeD alluded to).

Depending on what level of hockey you play, you might want to check out clearance sales on new equipment. has some pretty decent stuff for sale, and for a bit more, you'd be able to get new, properly fitted stuff. I'm sure if you look around a bit more, you could also find good used stuff that actually fits too. Good luck!

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