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02-18-2008, 06:15 PM
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Originally Posted by raleh View Post
While we're playing this ATD story game: Between rounds 12 and 20 of ATD 5 I was at a training camp in Hawaii. Usually at these camps we work out two or three times a day and have TONS of free time just sitting around the hotel. There was no wireless connection though and no internet in the hotel. Every time I had to make a pick I had to walk 20 minutes to an internet cafe and pay for the full hour. One time I realized my time was up half way through a workout- I skipped out on the last set and cool down and ran back to the hotel, got my list, and then kept running to the internet cafe. My roommates thought I was completely insane. To top it all off GBC was picking right after me and I was always using my full window because I didn't want to pay if I didn't get to pick. Needless to say- he wasn't too impressed!

I like this game, I want to hear everyone's most ridiculous ATD story.
I remember picking behind you in ATD 5 and MLD 5. Not always a fun experience. I fixed the problem really well, though - I recruited you to be my co-GM.

Outside of working with raleh, the most fun I've had in this thing was my "trash talk" with Murphy. Of course, it was all in good fun - Murph and I had talked about it before once we found out we were in same division, and we kept everything clean. Ultimately, Murph had the last laugh when he thumped my team in the second round.

Stories. Nothing as good as VanI, raleh or ck. I'll admit: if I'm in Mexico, or Jamaica, or something to that effect, I won't be thinking ATD much. I might check in a couple times during the week. Just way too much time checking in on the draft when I should be working, reading about the latest pick when I should be doing a phone interview, etc. I do remember telling my Dad (in town from B.C.) I would be right with him while announcing the George Armstrong pick in the last draft. Hey, he was our captain.

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