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02-19-2008, 11:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Murphy View Post
I can remember having to travel during a time when my pick was up. I think I left a list with GBC and had my kid bring his laptop from school and kept bugging him every 1/2 hr to try and log on to see if the guy I wanted got selected for me.

I can rememeber another time coming home after two many beers one night and making a pick. Can't for the life of me remember who it was but the next morning I remember not being real impressed with myself lol.

I can also remember missing a pick because of stopping somewhere and getting into the beers unexpectedly and the guilt I felt for having to be skipped was unreal! I didn't care if the wife was unhappy with me, I cared more that my fellow draftee's were unhappy, lol.

Might be a clue in there as to why we're no longer together lol.
It's been a while since I made the crack about Murphy and his infamous "beer storm" from ATD 6. Long live the bars of Fort St. John, B.C. Probably the only time Murphy's ever been skipped.

Murph, how man times have I picked for you? Dozens? I remember in MLD 5 Murph sent me a list of seven guys who he wanted for mid-draft picks. He was going to drag racing nationals, and he didn't want to hold the process up. I think we probably thought we might get through three or four rounds. We got through seven. And he got all seven guys he wanted. And these weren't joke sentimental picks, either. ATD mainstays like Ted Green, Charlie Hodge and Jamie Langenbrunner were on that list. So was Ab McDonald, who finally cracked the ATD this time around.

Geez, that MLD 5 was fun. Looking back on that thing, it's amazing how many guys went for the first time. I was the first guy to pick players like Kenny Wharram and Dick Duff (the day BEFORE he went in the HHOF).

I think a lot of GMs have had a beer-induced pick moment. I'm not sure if I've ever picked when drunk - I've had picks where I've wished I was drunk, would have given me an excuse. pit has a really good (or really bad, depends on your perspective) "drunk while making a big ATD trade" story. I remember raleh admitted he was drinking when he picked Andreychuk in ATD 6. I marvelled that the dude could spell "Andreychuk" after a few.

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