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04-21-2004, 12:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Higgy4
Still...the point was IT WAS THE REGULAR SEASON.

See, it works better in these threads if you actually understand what is being talked about.

Oh yeah...and a win is a win is a win is a win.
No the point I commented on was someone said the Flames didn't out play the Wings. I just pointed out that error.

Another thing, The regular season means a lot. Records may not matter at this point once the second round is here but they certainly do impact the first round since standings determine who gets in and who they play.

How else do the Wings end up with Nashville in the first round rather than San Jose or Dallas?

Regular season has a lot to do with playoff success as it gives teams an opportunity to scout opposing players and their strengths and weaknesses. Flames continuously hammered Sopel in the Vancouver series and exposed a serious weakness in his game. That strategy was developed by scouting players during the season and discovering their weaknesses. As you can see, one tiny thing noticed during the year can become a major turning point in the playoffs and that is the significance of the regular season.

I'm sure the Wings know some things about the Flames and vise versa and you can bet most of that comes from advance scouting and notes made during the regular season.

Anyone that says different doesn't understand the finer points of coaching, scouting and the game itself.

And no a win is not a win is not a win is not a win and when the Flames have 4 wins under their belt by the time this series is over you will understand that.

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