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04-21-2004, 04:29 PM
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Calder Trophy (Rookie poster of the year): hillbilly? - dont know when the rooks became sophomores and juniors, etc. but hillbilly is relatively new and posted well.

Bill Masterton (Poster who dedicated the most time to HF boards): our beloved moderators, i spent a lot of time, with less posts

Lady Byng (Best non-Preds poster): Drury, unless she doesn't count, in which it will be Dutch.

Norris Trophy (Never say die, always stuck to their opinion in otherwords, most defensive on there views): Smokey

Homer of the Year: tnrocketman - not really, had to get him in somewhere though

Best Troll (poster who likes to hate on the Preds): Higgy - didnt hate on preds, but was so overwhleming during our playoff series with detroit, geez.

Best Flamer (You know what i'm talking about!): dulzhok

Best Referee (Top Moderator): nomo - smokey got heated too easy

Hart Trophy (Most valuable poster): enoch

Best Avatar (before the playoffs started!) um...One with walker hugging sully to death

Funniest Post: Basher says "i heard hes (Arky) starting to get physical now though...i heard a hit he laid on york in practice was pretty nasty, lets see if he can put that on the ice..."
Then Nomo follows up with "its was Arkhipov that did that?!? PACK YOUR BAGS SON!"

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