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Originally Posted by Kevin Kautsitsin View Post
Proper attire for games:

you are crazy

Originally Posted by David_99 View Post
27. If a "bad play", "bad call" or "female-looking player touches the puck" is quickly followed by a "good play" from the home team, ie "big hit", "nice pass" or "goal scored", please refrain from cheering for at least 3 second after a boo has ended. If the this rule is not followed, it may annoy and/or confuse some American viewers as they are already concentrating so hard on following the puck.

28. If the ref is to make a bad call, never boo him as it, again, may offend viewers from south of the border. Instead, politely bite you tongue, sit on your hands and hope for a better call next time!

29. Whenever the puck is in the defensive zone of the home team, you should constantly clap your hands (in unison) chanting "Defense".

Ex. *Clap* *clap* De-fense! - *Clap* *clap* De-fense!

This will make our viewers from the US feel more comfortable.

30. Never have fun at a hockey game. Ever.

Note: These rules must be followed at all times to allow our main goal of a major, lucrative TV deal in the US of A come to fruition. Remember, that is all that matters.


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