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02-20-2008, 03:35 PM
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Nothing "feigned" here

Originally Posted by CapnCornelius View Post

So, what exactly is the disagreement? Listen, he's a fine hockey player, but some of you want to dog pile on me so much that you disagree just for the sake of "disagreeing" when there's no basis for it. The Selke is not an award given to the best first line center in the league--its an award given to the best defensive forward. Samuel Pahlsson was nominated for the award last season and he's also not a first line center.

All these other accolades, deserved as they are, aren't evidence that Peca is a true first line center--they're evidence that he's a leader, something that's not in question.

But look at Peca's production particularly the second half of this season and tell me that he's honestly a second line center. Peca's place is on the checking line at this stage in his career. On a more talented team, that's absolutely where he'd be and he'd serve that function well. And given that you admit he's not a first line center, I'm not sure what the feigned controversy is here.
I am aware of the basis for a Selke. I did not say Peca was still a first line center. Nor did I say Peca was ever the best first line center in the league. It seems to me that is you are who are looking to argue. I also thought we were talking about the CBJ here, not a "more talented team". And, in any case, I do not believe that Michael Peca would be on any team's "checking line".

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