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Originally Posted by waffledave View Post
6. No singing or chanting of any kind. Such behaviour is offensive to fans of other teams and considered tacky and rude. Proper etiquette is to refrain from all but the most generic chants, such as "Let's go Team!" and "Go Team go!".
Chanting Go Team Go should be reserved for intermissions or commercial breaks and always started in a neutral manner giving no preference to the specific team.

Originally Posted by mcphee View Post
Young lady, what were you doing in my closet ?
I.. err... Mcphee, you wanna take that comment back?

Originally Posted by GermanyMontrealExpat View Post
The tie can be loosened at intermissions if it's a Full Windsor knot. Half-Windsors must wait till the end of the game. Exceptions made for partying in at Molson Ex Zone, if said tie is worn around the head.

Octopus-throwing should be delegated to people from Michigan. Top hat or bowler can be lobbed to the ice, underhanded, in the event of a hat-trick.

Poutine is to be ingested only after having signed a consent form, contingent on permission from vascular specialist.

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