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04-21-2004, 09:31 PM
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Is Tampa our biggest hurdle to get too the finals????

First of all i might seem like im getting way too far ahead, but im not. I was just sitting here thinking ( a bit to much for my liking maybe, but mehhhhh......), and figured that if we could get by Tampa, we could have an excellent chance of getting to the finals. If you seen the Philly-Leafs series last year, you know just how tiring it was due too all the physical play. By the time (assuming we get past round 2) we get to the confrence finals, Either Toronto or Philly will be dead tired and beat up very badly. They are old and can only take so much. This should be a major advantage for us, especially if our series with Tampa isnt too physical and we can finish it in 6 games. IMO our toughest hurdle will be Tampa. Although, even a tired Philly or Toronto would still be pretty damn tough team too play. I think we could take them though under those circumstances.

So is this our biggest hurdle to get to the finals. So far it seems every thing is going our way!

-Our fist line is on fire
-Theo is getting hot
-Ward and Sunny could be back Friday night
-Were pretty healthy overall

All we need now, is to get our second line to get going. With the way things have gone so far, this should happen. The hockey Gods are with us guys

What do you guys think???

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