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02-20-2008, 06:26 PM
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Originally Posted by KingKovy View Post
what is on your avatar?
Well I had that idea, since in French, Kostitsyn sounds a lot like "Grosses tétinnes", which could mean, big n*pples, as seen by the other poster who goes around with an avatar displaying a big pair of t*ts with the name Sergei on the right one and Andrei on the left one.

And on my avatar...

That's the protagonist (Ed Norton) from the Fight Club movie/novel crying on Big Bob's (Meat Loaf) shoulder at a Test*cular Cancer Support Group. Big Bob, the big moosie, the big cheesebread, was a bodybuilder. Big Bob had b*tch t*ts. Big Bob was a juicer, he got test*cular cancer from all those salad days on Steroid, Dianabol and then the racehorse Steroid, Wistrol.

Bob cries because six month ago, his tes*stcules were removed. Then hormone support therapy. Bob has t*ts because his testosterone ratio is too high. Raise the testosterone level too high, your body ups the estrogen to seek a balance.

Too much estrogen and you get what bodybuilders call b*tch t*ts.

Hence the title of my avatar : Bob had Kostitsyn.

Originally Posted by AD View Post
I.. err... Mcphee, you wanna take that comment back?

McPhee's wife

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