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02-21-2008, 10:12 AM
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The easiest way to make sure you have them on right is to make sure the piece that sticks out a little farther on the front is on the outside, not the inside. Ok, that wording was terrible, but look at the picture and you'll get it:

The little ridge on the pads (the part with RBK on it) is on the outside of his legs, not the inside. Another thing to notice is the buckles for the straps should be on the outside. Should be easy enough, and eventually you'll just be so used to it that you'll know something is wrong when you start to put the pads on and the buckles are in the wrong place.

And for the skate straps, that depends on the pads... My old pads had 2, my new ones have 1. I'm pretty sure most of the newer pads only have one skate strap, but I don't know most pads well enough to say that for sure.

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