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02-21-2008, 02:12 PM
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Originally Posted by the_pen_is_mightier View Post
Unless he's wearing street hockey pads, this is absolutely false. Wearing pads backwards is like wearing your shoes on the wrong feet; they'll fit, but that's about it. It is a HUGE deal.

As for your teammates not telling you, they're not goalies so what the heck would they know anyways? The last thing you want to do is take goaltending advice from a forward.

BTW...what kind of pads do you have anyway?
I TOTALLY agree! It IS a big deal if my pads are on backwards, because not only is it wrong, but when there's a couple of hot chicks in attendance (as there are at some of the games), it's embarrassing if I'm skating around in front of the net, actually beleiving that I look normal, when in reality, I look like a fool!

I also agree with not taking any advice from my teammates. They all come up to me at the beginning of each game (since I'm still getting to know some of their names) and they say "Dude, I give you props. I could never be a goalie". Well, yeah, of course not. Because you can't frickin' imagine not scoring goals and being in the offensive spotlight and getting the attention of those two hot blondes in the corner watching the game. Last night, the opposing team's goalie didn't show up and they couldn't find a sub, so they played without a goalie and got an extra skater. Our team somehow managed to lose 14-8 and and were trailing 7-1 after the first period. One of the forwards came skating by during a stoppage in play and tried to give me a tip and I was just thinking the same advice you just gave..."Ya' know what? You guys can't even put the puck in an empty net, so don't even BEGIN to critique my goaltending tonight! ESPECIALLY when not a single one of you is back here playing Defenseman for me!"

And the pads are some generic brand called "DR" and the model name says "Bulletproof". I bought them from one of the other goalies in the league for $100 (including leg pads, matching catcher, matching blocker, helmet and chest protector). All that equipment had only been used for 3 games (and it's practically new!).

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