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04-22-2004, 06:16 AM
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Originally Posted by s7ark
Problem: Your argument that the Leafs aren't dirty focused around the 70s Flyers actually being dirty. Nice attempt at a diversion. The Flyers are no longer the Flyers of the 70s... Nowhere close. The "dirtiest" player on Philly might, MIGHT, be JR, and that's a relative term. Even Brashear can't be considered "dirty"... he is a true enforcer who goes about it the right way. Let's talk more about today...

To refute your claim, I shall begin by pointing out Domi's 208 PIM. Even if you say that's mostly fighting majors, I ask you: firstly, do clean players fight, and secondly, is it not true that players who typically fight are usually involved in some kind of face rubbing, slashing, or generally unsportsmanlike conduct which precipitates into said fighting? He is also one of the most disrespectful players I have ever seen toward referees. He always has his bert 'n ernie monobrow furled, and constantly mouthing off to refs about legit calls. Put that on top of the fact that I don't think I've seen anyone get away with leaving his feet to check as much as Domi. Watch for it. He is the master. He's not bad at the low hit either.

Re: Tucker. Don't try to sell me here. I am a long time Habs fan, and I know exactly who you got there. Sure, the guy seems to work hard, but he is reckless and dangerous with his stick. He is almost as bad as Domi when it comes to mouthing off at the drop of a hat. He's definitely as bad when it comes to bad checking... not limited to leaving his feet.

Now Marchement. He seems to be playing the mature card recently, but the guy already has enough history to label his style of hockey, even if he is pontified tomorrow. Roberts... well, not exactly dirty, but he throws the Gordie Howe elbow as well as anyone in corners and along the boards. How do we explain Wade Belak? A no one who doesn't come first to people's minds, but is a stick work master and "clutch to avoid getting beaten" guru.

Finally, look at the most hated players on each team thread. Do you think everyone's picking Domi and Tucker because the rip our teams up? No one is afraid of the pint-sized Domi, especially since his patented move is circling backwards away from other fighters, and Tucker doesn't score enough to be a legit scare to anyone. It doesn't mean they're doing their job getting under everyone's skin. Everyone simply disapproves of the type of hockey they play, and the fact that this type of play is condoned and celebrated in Toronto only gives strength to the "dirty Canadian-style hockey" debate.
Give me a break, I guarantee that a good 75% or better of the posters who talk about "dirty players" for starters, shut up about some of said players if they happen to join their favoured team. I absolutely guarantee that just about 99.99% of any Hab fan out there would be doing hand stands if Montreal somehow aquired Roberts to play for them. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and say, you're the one actually living Hab fan that wouldn't want him on your club on account of his alleged play because he's "Dirty" or almost dirty. I also guarantee that if somehow the Habs managed to acquire Bertuzzi, forget handstands, Hab fans would be renaming their first born after him ... and he's responsible for the dirtiest thing I have ever seen in recent hockey history.

Re Belak, please, the League has all kinds of Belaks in it. Montreal has had more than their fair share in the recent past. Some of them could barely skate .. made Belak look all world by comparison.

As far as the Leafs go, too many of you hypocrites are judging the current Leaf team by the light of the team that they might have been 3 years ago. Don't tell me about the past because it sure is being used to paint the current Leaf team. Honestly, I don't think there has been one really bad incident caused by an actual Leaf player at any time over the last 2 seasons. There have been none that I can recall this season. There were none in the series between the Flyers and Leafs last year, nor the series between the Leafs and Sens this year. So, in other words ... and to paraphrase your own, stop living in the past. The current Leaf team is full of class future Hall of Famers and some of them have actually won Lady Byng trophies as a Leaf ie. Mogilny.

As far as you go, most Hab fans I know are anti-leaf from birth, it's kind of like cats trying to live with dogs. Ergo, the fact that you can't escape the past comes as no surprise. Finally for the record, I actually cheered for Montreal to beat the Bruins ... why ? I'm a true Homer, if it can't be the Leafs, I hope that it is another Canadian team that can go all the way.

As far as stick work goes, name the last Leaf that carved somebody's eye ... you can't ... now compare that to the injuries sufferred by Berard as Leaf, Nolan this year and I believe Tucker as well ... in short, bad stickwork is rampant this year in the NHL, but the bulk of it is not coming from Leaf players.

O.K. I'm done on this topic ... so feel free to carp on about the "dirty Leaf team" for the next decade if you want.

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