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04-22-2004, 08:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Coffey77
Sounds like Zhackpot is already talking smack before the series even starts Looks like he's guaranteeing a Calgary victory.

Yeah the regular season matters for standings/seedings. However, you can just can't look at it and use that to determine who will win. Look at Ottawa-Toronto. Ottawa usually does pretty well in the regular season against Toronto. But what happens in the playoffs is entirely different. Toronto somehow always ends up the winner even if they didn't win the regular season series against the Sens.

No guarantee but have predicted Calgary in 6 on another board and in an office pool.

My point was that the regular season is the time when scouts, coaches and players pick up on a players weak spots and then use those to their advantage during the playoffs. As the Flames did with Sopel when they continuously dumped the puck behind him and then chased him down and checked him hard. Sopel was always looking over his shoulder. I'm sure Detroit picked up a few things along the way about Calgary players. That was my point about a comment that the regular season doesn't mean anything. Standings-wise no not in the second round but from a scouting, strategy stand point the regular season is still a big factor.

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