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Originally Posted by Vakar Lajos View Post
Many of the issues people have with Nike Bauer are trends that have been evolving in the entire industry and will not change just because Nike sold Bauer. Nike had some bad ideas, but the money they brought to Bauer's r&d cannot be underestimated. They could have gotten rid of all of Bauer's engineers the minute they bought the company, but they kept Bauer as a separate line and financed them.

Was the V12 a horrible skate? Horrible elbow/shoulder pads? The Supreme elbow/shin/shoulder pads which people rave so much about now are basically Nike products.

Just because the guy has some background in hockey does not mean he knows the first thing about designing skates and equipment. I hope he does, but it's not a pre-requisite. The smartest thing anybody could do is to say, "Good job, keep it up!" and let the internal structure stay the same, and write the checks.
I realize how much R&D money Nike provided. To me their early years of trying to make equipment that flat out didnt cut the mustard so to speak caused them alot of problems. Its only been the last few years that theyve finally started to make decent products but QC and the way their top end stuff is made isnt all that great.

With the Supreme line its what alot of people grew up with and are comfortable with. NOw the top end Suprmere stuff is a mix of of Nike and Bauer designs. My equipment that is Bauer is all pre NBH. And the only reason Ill purchase anything with NBH on it now or Bauer in the future is for elbow pads because they are the only company that makes a pair that im comfortable with.

I dont see the new ownership coming in and changing anything except maybe the R&D budget but who knows. The only reason I brought it up that the guy has experience with hockey is that stick 9 had said the group was non hockey. Well so was Nike. In 95 they werent manufacturing much but shoes.

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