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02-21-2008, 10:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Ruhnie View Post
Good read, this is a topic that has plagued me for the last few years. I started playing hockey as an adult, after growing up playing baseball and golf. I'm a righty shooting right, as it just felt natural when I started playing. I must admit that I never even considered trying a lefty stick when I started, and there was no one to tell me to try.

I have been investigating this to see if there's any concrete reason why I should try to switch after 12 years of playing. So far all I've found is generic guesses w/ no empirical evidence. All I know is that when I try to use my wife's lefty stick now, I feel like my arms and hands are retarded and can't do anything with it.
I understand what you mean, though I'm a righty who plays with a left handed stick. I wonder if I'd have a stronger shot if I switched sticks but my hands can't just switch roles like that. I started playing in my 30's and am mostly self-taught. I realized I should be shooting left as soon as I started stick handling with a right handed stick.

Shoveling, raking, sweeping and shooting pool -- similar motions to stick handling and I do them all with my right (strong) hand on top and my left in place to keep the shaft steady.

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