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02-21-2008, 11:36 PM
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Originally Posted by irisheyes555 View Post
totally disagree. i think this is a perfect example of why this team will not go far if anywhere in the POs. we do not have the goaltending that is required(nor the offense to compensate against good teams). with an equal or slightly lesser minder we win this game, but instead tonight we lose. i don't want to say mason cost us this game, but luongo gained them 1 if not 2 pts tonight. the only way we advance is if either minder goes unconcious, because an effort like tonight is what that would require. for luongo it is just another night in which he scored pts for his team, i.e. he can do that consistantly rather than once in a blue moon. granted it isn't fair to compare mason with one of the best in the game, but we simple don't have the margin for anyone to have an off night. yes we might be able to win the 1-0 game against a good offensive team(see canes game), but we simple will not be able to do that consistently. i know this is a bargin basement team and given the $/win ratio we are probably among the tops in the league. just tired of seeing 1st round exits. the boys have sucked it up and played better than i thought they would this year. i just have that sinking feeling that they must find another gear(which they already have) in order to go any further. we need someone who can win us a game more than once a month, because come the playoffs all of the games will be like tonight.
neither do the Panthers

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