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02-22-2008, 12:53 AM
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Originally Posted by MW View Post
Weren't a lot of the non-skate, pre-nike, great products (4000 helmet, techniflex, sbd shoulder pads, SP___ shoulders, etc) just Cooper products that got carried over when they got eaten up by Bauer, anyway?
Yeah they were. Its exactly why you still some form of all those products still in the NBH lineup. NBH pro shoulders are an updated version that unless you are lucky to know some, have the cash to get them shipped over from Europe orfind one of the very few pairs in the States youre out of luck. For some reason the dont offer the pro shoulders or elbows here in NA.
Originally Posted by MW View Post
Didn't those come out well after Nike bought Canstar?
Nike buying Canstar got rid of a few lines. Cooper ,Flak, Micron. Micron 10-90s were considered by some to be the best skates across the board. Sucked to see those things go bye bye.

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