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04-22-2004, 12:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Puck
If Burke comes to the Sens, it will be a dark day indeed. I'm sure he will go to Chicago with that a.h. Wirtz or to Boston with the equally infamous Jacobs. They all deserve each other. (I'm not saying Brian isn't a good GM, I am saying he's a garrulous, dictatorial self-centered a.h., there is a diff, sometimes they make good managers).

I really don't know about Muckler lowetide. I know I like his boss Mlakar from his media appearances, but I've never worked for either man, so I really don't know how to answer.

On the surface, I like Muckler. I like what he has to say. Given the choices out there, I suppose I prefer him to a lot of others. I'm not really impressed with any of his acquisitions except for Schaefer. I wasn't too keen on that one when it happened, but it is the best one so far with hindsight. I know he is well liked in hockey circles.

In this day and age, I really don't think GMs should be making dictatorial decisions like in the old days. It should be management by committee to some degree, there are millions of dollars riding on many of these contractual decisions, it is nuts to have these one-man shows like the old days.What worries me is all the talented executives who left the Sens in recent years. I hope their replacements are good, it will take years to tell from the results. But time will tell.

There is a new variable in the equation this year. It is called Melnyk. He seems to be a passionate hockey owner who loves his hockey. We'll see what does. A good or bad decision made right at the top can have huge implications on the Sens for years to come.
Summed up my thoughts perfectly. Schaefer was a good acquisition, but Smolinski, Bondra and de Vries have all been duds in my opinion. Smolinski is a guy I'm not fond of, never have been. He's known for his inconsistency, yet he's supposed to be a veteran presence with leadership ability? That seems like an oxymoron.

Bondra is a guy I like a lot. He tries, he really does, and he's never a liability. It's not a situation where he was a detriment to the team, and I get the feeling he would be the first to tell you he has been brutal offensively. He showed me more grit than Smolinski to be honest, that blocked shot was impressive. But he came here to provide offence, and he didn't create many if any offensive chances. He makes 4.5 next year, better off signing somebody like a Rod Brindamour (not a UFA, but a good fit) than Bondra at this point. He gives us more of what we have, speed and two-way play, so unless he's scoring goals, he's just redundant.

I've been sour on Muckler since the de Vries deal. IMO, that's an absolutely terrible job of managing your resources. It's dealing a 24 year old top 4 defenceman for a 32 year old guy who played on our third pairing primarily. Plus, it's a dirt cheap top 4 guy with significant upside for a 32 year old overachiever with 3 more years at a rediculous 8.8 million or something. de Vries' skating and inability to move the puck consistently IMO made him a 3rd pairing guy. Don't get me wrong, I loved he and Leschyshyn on the third pairing (sorry Volchenkov, you should have stayed in the press box this series) at times, but this was either the wrong guy but the right idea or simply the wrong idea period. I like the intent, but the execution was poor.

Missed in all this, the Leafs go get Francis for a 4th rounder or something. Now he was hardly much against us, but he's a quick fix for leadership, and costs nothing. A 4th rounder this year is like a 7th rounder last year, it's a throw-away anyways.

Oh well, what can you do. I miss Marshall Johnston. Ya, he didn't make the best moves at the deadline (Belfour for Tugnutt didn't work out), but he won more trades than he lost, and so far Muckler is 1-3 in my opinion.

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