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04-22-2004, 01:49 PM
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Originally Posted by PhillyNucksFan
Enjoy your cinderella run, and I'll see you near the basement once again in the standing. Dont tell me how flames is so much different from ducks and wild, because ducks and wild all said the same last year at this time and duck even went ahead and signed UFA to make sure that they are not 1 year wonder.

Enjoy your cinderella run, and very good job on the flames.
Great. But forgive us if we don't take your "expert" opinion on the Flames into consideration. You shot your own objectivity and credibility in the foot this series with uninformed comments like these (and what's funny about this comment is you actually had the chance to watch Regehr 3 times in the series and were still clueless about him)

Originally Posted by PhillyNucksFan
Regehr on top 5 of Canucks, you mean right now at this moment or 4 years from now??
Lets see
Ohlund > Regehr
Jovo > Regehr
Sopel > Regehr
Salo > Regehr (PP purpose for Salo's shot at the point
Regehr = Malik (as much as the stat would mislead, he is after all tied for the league +/- stat).

So there you go, Regehr will make and tie Canucks 5th D.

So, I disagree with the "canucks fan" that you claim about arguing Regehr's not making top 5 on cancusk.
As I said at the time, the comparison between Regehr and Malik, Salo and Sopel isn't close. You guys insisted every team would jump at the chance to get a crazy puck rusher like Sopel.

I guess we'll stick with Regehr, you can have one of the elite puck rushing defensemen in the league. I mean we're all in awe of how he sparked your offense (snicker).

So would should anybody listen to what you have to say about the Flames again? You've proven that you're far from objective in your ability to analyze them.

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