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Originally Posted by MW View Post
Didn't most of the worthwhile Cooper stuff end up getting eaten up by Bauer, as we mentioned, and the Mega/Microns, or at least the Air 90/70/etc, ended up as Bauer Airs for a little while?

What I meant, though, was that the "old Bauer Vapors" were really a product that came out when Bauer was under Nike's control.

Urgh. I missed out on a set of near-new Mega Air 90s on ebay the other day due to shipping restrictions. Me no happy.
The only thing that has stuck around continuously through the years that was Cooper was 4000/4500 helmet. The Techniflex stuff dissappeared for a while but then came back.

I want to say it was the Air 90's that stuck around as Bauer for a little while but from what I recall they had a different fit and feel from the 10-90s.

If you have a big enough foot theres a few pairs of NOS 10-90S on there right now.

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