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04-22-2004, 01:59 PM
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Smoke's PK unit was scary to watch. He has no offensive creativity to speak of. His not the physical winger we needed. We could have done without him.

Fisher is our John Madden and hell... Schaefer is our Yelle. That unit was fantastic. Especially when one of them held the puck in the offensive zone for what seemed like an eternity, on a line change.

Bondra was also not something we needed. We had enough guys just like him... 3 actually. Same position and everything.
We needed a big body in front of the net and didn't get it.

"The perfect GM"
The theoretical perfect GM:
- fills the holes on the team
- keeps the payroll down
- keeps the future alive by saving prospects

Now, this is theoretical because other GM's aren't that stupid. You're going to have to sacrifice one or two of these.
So far, Muckler has added $10 M to the payroll. Traded away a bunch of prospects. And picked up a bunch of players that we didn't fill a need on this team.

I think most of us are looking at the Schaefer deal as the best one he's made. Well, let's look at that:
- dealt from a position of strength for a position of weakness
- ages and salary were similar
We saved money and improved the team, now and in the future.
Good prospects for old, expensive vets on the decline... who do not fill a need on this team is the road to ruin. (However, I'm all for an old/expensive vet on the decline who will stand in front. Unfortunately... he plays for Toronto)

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