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04-22-2004, 02:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Habber
I don't think BG is going to sign a free agent to play in the top 6, and I hope he doesn't. IMO there should be a spot on the top 6 for a rookie next year. Whether it be Perez, Higgins, Hossa, Pleks or whoever, I don't really care but I would hope and expect that at least one of them will step it up and grab a spot.

Hopefully Kovy resigns and the Zed-Koivu-Kovy line can stay together and then have a Ryder-Ribs-Rookie 2nd line. Sundstrom should get resigned (if itís cheap) and Juneau, Dackell, Perrault let go which gives us:


Pretty damn solid if you ask me.
I agree. With Hossa and Hainsey having to clear waivers next year, I would think Hossa, in particular, will be given every chance to succeed before an alternative is considered. BG did say he would build from within. I don't think that has changed.

It's debatable if the quality of the UFAs forwards available beyond Kovalev and perhaps Palffy are worth the big bucks anyway. Murray and Rolston did not impress me. I think Karya is Group V this year (not sure), is he worth it?

I haven't done the exact math, but I'm guessing that Kovalev at aprox. $6M per and the raises for Ryder, Ribs, Souray etc... would keep the payroll more or less the same. With the dollar exchange now a little better and playoff revenue, the team can afford to maintain the payroll as is IMO.

Plekanec didn't look out of place when he was called up. I could see him replacing Juneau and inserted gradually on the third or fourth line, depending on the opposition. I'd like to see Dowd back for another year. He's effective on faceoffs, good on the forecheck and positionally sound. He would be a good mentor to Plekanec. If he is, I see the third and fourth lines next year as:


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