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This was also part of my Therapy/recovery from my last back injury. While seated on the ball you have to get "neutral spine". Its simply tilting your pelvis to bring the curve out of the lower back. Use care though. You dont want to roll your shoulders forward. Seated normally, if upright and NOT slouched, you tend to sit on the lower edge of the glutes and the back of your thigh. When you pelvic tilt you kind of roll back to the more middle of the butt.

It forces the interior and anterior spinal muscles to constantly adjust to your movements, in order to maintain balance. While the amount of added work seems very minimal, over the long term it will increase core spinal strength and increase your proprioception/balance. Always remember to NOT hold your breath. Easiest way to deal with your breathing is to EXHALE when you EXERT. Which ever protion of the movement seems hardest for you, exhale as you move through that range.

Even if you choose to NOT pelvic tilt there is significant benefit. You do NOT want to be leaning forward while doing curls and such. The added strain to the lower back is significant. Considering that 75% of your weight is in the torso and the added wirghts your lifting would be moved forward of your center of gravity....not good. Any free weight routine that you would do seated on a bench or chair will be more benefitial when peformed on a swiss ball.

It is important that the ball fit your size. Seated, you want the knees as close to 90 as possible. Be sure to select the correct size for you. They are sold in a wide range of diameters. Being a little above(taller) is OK. You do not want to use a ball that has you seated Too low and bringing the knees below 90 to the lower leg. be sure to search online for SWISS BALL WORK OUTS for even more that you can do with the thing. After a while of using it you can actually stand/squat on the ball during some routines. My youngest son (13) uses the largest, standing In stance(goalie) while executing save type movements with his arms.

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