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02-23-2008, 11:33 PM
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Originally Posted by csn00b View Post
the mouthguard rule is gay, the mouthguard makes things worse when i try to communicate with my defencemen, and when i take a shot in the head it doesnt affect my jaw, and neck guards, well i paly midget house and their mandatory, the ref checks both goalies before the game starts everytiem.
Then go get a custom one done. And yes when you take a shot in the head it'll affect your jaw as it gets bumped into the lower part of your brain. It's the most common type of concussion.

Aren't mouth guards already mandatory in the US, but neck guards aren't?
I heard they were debating whether or not they were doing the job as apparently in some incidents the blade slipped on the guard and actually cut the person higher up on the neck.

That is why I wear one even though I'm in beer league. You always get some noob skater and falls over and topples everyone over..or they fall and start flailing their arms and legs. I mean that's how Zednik got cut...from Jokinen taking a tumble and having his leg kick up in the process.

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