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02-24-2008, 02:12 AM
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Hockey Canada has mandated neck guards for almost 20 years.

Originally Posted by supaman View Post
I've been playing goal since I was 6. I'm almost 23. Neck gaurds aren't that effective. I've been in countless scrums in front of the net. One guys skate actually got caught on the guard. I've taken pucks off my collarbone with and without a guard. The guard leaves you with a severe choking sensation. The plastic guard I personally don't like either. Where I play its not manatory for goalies.
IMO, players need to be taught control. Both with sticks and their feet. The kids I coach are taught that if they fall to the ice that they should always be aware of where their feet are and to never raise their feet in the air.
If you play hockey, you would know that kind of control over your feet isn't always possible.

If your neck guard leaves you with a "severe choking sensation", you aren't wearing it properly.

If a skate got caught on your guard, it was effective as without it, you'd have been cut.

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