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02-24-2008, 12:00 PM
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Originally Posted by znk View Post
I think most people here agree that 40 goals was overrating. But people who say what we are seeing now is the real Higgins make me want to puke. The guy could be a healthy scartch any day and we wouldnt notice the difference. They want me to swallow that the real Higgins is an invisible guy that constantly makes mistake when he has and doesnt have the puck? Give me a break and just watch him play. That is not Higgins. Anyone who expected him to be a fringe player after the past 2 years needs a serious reality check.

Lets just say yes...he's supposed to be a 3rd line player and that's what you expected. Fair enough....but I cant believe that what you see on the ice is that....Third line players arent supposed to be invisble either.
... he's an inconsistent player who lacks talent. When he works less, he is unvaluable, because he doesn't have the talent to do something without working. When he takes a night off, he looks like he looked last night.

He's gonna be the type of player we see this season... an inconsistent guy who will find a way to score around 25 goals per season when he's playing with good linemates and/or when he has quality minutes. But he's not an impact player and he will never be.

When he was hurt last year, the team had his best moments of the season. Even if he had 13 points in 13 games, this doesn't mean he had an impact.

What I mean, is that he's not the type of player who has an impact on a team... he's just a complementary player who can score goals to help you sometimes. He's valuable, but you don't build your offense around guys like that...

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