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02-24-2008, 03:23 PM
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Originally Posted by contingent_23 View Post
Ok, I'm drunk on a sunday and I just can't take the OKT bashing anymore!

I'll try to be calm about this... Ole is what he is...he'll never be Nieds or Pronger or Phaneuf, but he is what he is..bash him if you will, but the guy plays with heart, which is more then I can say for a lot of these guys night in and night out.
It does get comical at some times i admit while i respect everyones opinion, I guess with Shelley gone we have to find somewone else who was never counted on to have a role to score or pass, and bash them for not scoring/passing well. It seems OKT plays his ROLE well, and Hitch seems to play him when he is healthy. Now if he was here to be an OFFENSIVE D-MAN, and only had say 7 points in 57 games and the worst plus/minus on the team, id agree you should be questioning his ROLE, but in his 117 career nhl games i think he has been improving and sure made alot less mistakes then someone with 1/2 the games and probobly twice the mistakes but yet gets a free pass all day long who shall remain nameless by me. I never seen OKT get undressed one on one in front of his OWN net and thats what is the most important thing i look at in MY opinion what makes a good d-man, can you play defense first ? Somehow im thinking Hitch thinks the same way

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