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04-23-2004, 02:19 PM
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Obviously it's all a blind guess. But ..

I think the game was already in transition during Orr's years, but still, I'd say that Lidstrom wouldn't make it in the 60's. Going back further just reduces the likelihood. Back then it was more battle and less skills, I don't think Lidstrom's skills would be useful enough to account for his lack of piss-n-vinegar. Guys like Foote and Pronger would survive, but they wouldn't be great.

It's hard to believe I'm saying this, because I've been a Wings fan all my life. I don't think the transition works either way. For instance, Gordie Howe wasn't great because of blinding skill, he was great because he was consistently the meaner, nastier guy going into the corner to pick up the puck. In today's play he'd either spend all his time in the box (or suspended) or he'd be a non-factor.

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