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02-25-2008, 10:19 PM
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You beat me to it, dude! I was gonna do this tonight. I had a list all made up, too!

Well, it looks like a lot of guys who I had considered are already named on this page. Namely: Jason Spezza, Ivan Boldirev, Andre Boudrias (why I always think of those two names together I will never know) and Jyrki Lumme.

Here is seventieslord's all-unselected-and-not-yet-mentioned-in-this-thread team: It's not entirely positionally balanced.


C/LW Darcy Tucker. Six 20-goal seasons, 402 career points prior to this season, agitator, Heart and soul guy, will fight anyone close to his size. Was good defensively before he started believing his press clippings.

C Mike Eagles. Relentless checker and top penalty killer. Nothing offensively, but solid in his own end. Career -121 probably scared off a lot of GM's, but with 44 career playoff games, you know he was seldom on a great team. He had value.

C Raimo Helminen. Just 59 points in 117 NHL games as a youngster in the 80's. But overseas, he was a dynamo. 4-time postseason all-star. Assist leader, point leader, MVP in three separate seasons. Six-time olympic participant and has played in 320 international games, an all-time record. 118 points in the 154 of those games where stats are available.

C Andy Blair. 160 points and 323 PIM in 401 games during the 30's. Topped out at 5th in the NHL in scoring. Cup winner.

C Don Grosso. 204 points in 332 games during the 1940's. 3rd in the NHL in points, although it was a war year. Had an impressive 15-14-29 in 48 career playoff games, and won a cup.

LW Carl Liscombe. 137 goals and 277 points in 383 games during the 1940's. Was 4th in the NHL in points, during a war year. Won a cup and had a very impressive 22-20-42 in 56 playoff games.

C Paul Haynes. 195 points in 390 career games are not eye-popping numbers, even in the 1930's, and especially when it includes only 61 goals. However, his peak is intriguing, as he is one of only two players with two top-10 points finishes who were not drafted. He finished 5th and 9th, and not during war years, either.

RW Eddie Wiseman. 280 points in 454 games during the 30's and 40's, and finished 8th in scoring one season. Also a cup winner with a reasonable 20 points in 45 playoff games.

RW Art Gagne. 100 pts in 228 NHL games is nothing special, but he did peak at 6th in the NHL in points. Aside from that, he had a long career in the other pro leagues and was a first and second team all-star in the WCHL.

RW Joe Lamb. 229 points in 443 games from 1927 to 1938. One of the better two-way wingers of his time. Always a decent scorer, but had an amazing 1929-30 where he put up 29 goals and 49 points in 44 games (9th in the NHL) and led the league in PIM.

C Marc Savard. Very one-dimensional, and has never played in the playoffs. But, he has made better players out of his linemates and has Jason Allison-like ability with the puck. Has been 9th in NHL scoring twice and is currently enjoying his 4th straight season at considerably higher than a point per game. 566 points in 645 games in this era, that's pretty impressive.

LW Rob Zamuner. One of the best defensive forwards of the late 1990's. Received selke votes and was selected as a forward to Canada's 1998 olympic squad.

LW P.J. Axelsson One of the best defensive forwards of the past decade. Has received selke votes on many occasions and is lauded for his shutdown ability.


Marc Bergevin. A dependable stay at home defender for two decades. 1191 NHL games and a great dressing room presence.

Luke Richardson. Another dependable defender, this one is still going at age 39. 1400 career games, was once tough as nails but has calmed down. A good veteran presence in any dressing room and sticks up for his teammates. Early in his career he was a very feared bodychecker, and in 1997 was the hottest free agent commodity (in the rare group II)

Pat Quinn. A dependable stay at home defenseman who was super tough and could lay you out with a huge bodycheck... just ask Bobby Orr. would help stabilize any blueline.

Adrian Aucoin. For a few years, was a top-6 defenseman in the NHL. A massive minute muncher who could eat up 30 minutes with ease. Once scored 23 goals in a season. Dependable at both ends of the rink. 297 pts in 752 games.


Jim Carey. He faded fast, but he did win a vezina, and his season before that was excellent too. In a draft where relative flashes in the pan like Theodore, Cude, McNeil, Simmons, and McCool can be picked, I thought Carey would find a home.

Brian Hayward. People forget that in the seasons he shared the Jennings with Patrick Roy, he was playing 40-45% of the schedule! Placed 1st in NHL GAA once, and second twice, as well as 3rd in sv% once.

Dwayne Roloson. Carried the Oilers to the finals on his back, but before that, placed 2nd in the NHL in GAA and 1st in sv%, was 2nd in sv% another year. As a backup, filled in admirably to beat the Leafs with Hasek injured.

Shall any of these be stricken from the records? Let me know

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