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02-26-2008, 06:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Ribban View Post
Hrrmmm….. I guess I’ve calmed down a little… I’m still wondering how a team like Örebro can manage to get only one point with them in all the home and away meetings against Troja, Tingsryd, and Mariestad. It’s actually not that they have lost but rather how they have lost?!
they aren't dominant against the weaker teams. that what's scares me the most. and there's one thing that i notice every game in front of the stats tracker: PENALTIES! whenever they lead, they get tons of penalties.

Anyway, I heard that the idea is to let the chips fall where they may this year. If all the way, fine. If not, I heard that they are finally done with the late transfers and will start a real rebuilding process to give the fine squad of junior players they have the chance to bring Örebro up to Allsvenskan… Something about a three year plan. Sounds like a smart move to me… Then again, this season isn’t over yet.
that would be extremely nice. but the J20 is struggling and i fear the demotion. i wonder if emil johansson might be willing to come back. his season is a mess with around 5 teams or so. if they really want a rebuild, they need to get johansson back. i really like him.
and maybe emil axelsson, but that's unlikely.

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