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04-24-2004, 11:29 AM
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Originally Posted by prabby
use ure head....who would u take koivu a proven hockey player that has everything expect size or a player that shows nothing gets a couple of points and has size?

what a ******** thread!
What a ******** post.

Lecavalier "shows nothing"? He gets "a couple of points"?


Vinny Lecavalier is far from a complete player and still has a LONG way to go to fulfill his potential, but to hear you tell it he's a complete bust.

I'm sorry, but we're talking about a kid (he just turned 24 the other day) who already has back-to-back 30-goal seasons, five consecutive 20-goal seasons, and three 60+ point seasons.

Koivu's scored 60 points or more only once. He's scored 20 goals only twice. He's never scored 30, or even 25.

If Vinny Lecavalier only gets "a couple of points," then Saku Koivu has barely scored at all.

It's true that Koivu has the edge in leadership and desire. Lecavalier's biggest problem the past couple of years has been inconsistency. But when he plays with intensity, like he did last night, you simply cannot keep him off the scoresheet. He's a force when he wants to be.

Part of that is immaturity. As Vinny gets older and more experienced, there's no question he'll become a more consitent contributor. He's gotten better every year in terms of showing up every night, game in and game out.

But even so, it's not like he's entirely devoid of desire right now. If you think so, I suggest you go back and look at the replay of Fedotenko's goal last night, when Lecavalier absolutely manhandled Ribeiro (?) along the boards to re-gain the puck after a turnover. A player with no desire doesn't even TRY to make that play, let alone succeed.

Speaking of which, anyone who thinks Lecavalier "is not physical" obviously hasn't seen him play much. While it's true that he'd prefer to play a purely finesse game (and considering his incredibly polished skill set, why wouldn't he?), he's not one to shy away from the rough stuff. At some point during this series, a Habs defenseman will make the mistake of taking Vinny for soft and feel the brunt of Lecavalier's shoulder in his chest while he muscles his way to the front of the net for a scoring chance.

BTW, I'm sure the Lightning's 1999-2000 roster, who banded together and requested that Vinny be given the captain's 'C' because of their respect for him, would be surprised to learn that Lecavalier has "never shown" leadership "in all his career."

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