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02-26-2008, 05:18 PM
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Originally Posted by EatSleepJeep View Post
The flight plan is scheduled for a 10PM departure from STL(They are always optimistic on departure time) and the Stars' aircraft is still parked on the ramp at STL.

Those three might have gotten on a commercial flight, but that means Dallas plays without a backup goalie tonight. That's not very likely. Unless Hicks' personal plane went Dallas>Tampa>St Louis>Dallas to go get Holmqvist or Dallas>Des Moines>St Louis>Dallas to get an IStar goalie, Smith will be on the bench tonight.

There was a Chautauqua Airlines flight that left Des Moines at 3:16 and arrived in STL around 4 that could have had a Iowa goalie on it(they're in the middle of a 3.5 week break). We'll see what plays out tonight.

You have to think they were planning this deal and might have anticipated this eventuality over the last two days or so.
Heika already said Tobias Stephan was on his way to St Louis tonight to back up.. and they sent a back up D Man too cause Grossman is out tonight and they need a backup just in case since Bouche boy starts.

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