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04-24-2004, 11:10 PM
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EA really screwed up!

1. Manning is a good QB and will most likely become a pro-bowl QB, BUT we did have Philip Rivers who I think could be just as good. Was it worth giving up next year's 1st rounder just to swap those 2, I don't think so. If they were dead set on getting a QB they could have traded down no later than one pick past the Steelers and almost assured themselves either Big Ben or Rivers, both of whom many have rated as high or higher than Eli.

2. Common sense tells you that they only selected Rivers 4th to trade him for Manning. With that said, what was the point of taking Rivers 4th when we could have traded down the the Browns or another team before the Steelers and taken Rivers then? We would have picked up atleast an extra 2nd round pick, not to mention Rivers would be cheaper for SD to sign which would keep them happy.

3. Manning could BECOME a good QB. As far as this year is concerned, either Manning is backup and doesn't help our team much OR Collins is out and Manning starts, thus arguably downgrading us at the QB position this year. Obviously the future is important, but this trade doesn't make the Giants better this year.

4. Going into the draft with top 4 picks in each of the first 3 rounds, and coming out with Eli and Chris Snee is embarassing. If you look at the Giants roster as of Saturday morning, neither a QB nor a G was needed. Collins is the starting QB, and Diehl and Seubert are the starting guards. Snee might develop into a good player, but right now we currently have 2 young G's on the roster so what good does Snee do us?

Accorsi sucks.

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