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04-24-2004, 10:11 PM
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Sorry guys this was a sarcasme(sp) my hole tread i was tired of reading all the other bash Ribs tread: Mooch,Vincent the great,and phil76

Ribs is a finnesse player they try to compare him to Koivu rough style of play they are not happy whit is playoff stats but is playing whit Ryder that doesn't score or crash the net anymore and Dag no comment.
Koivu is playing great but whitout Kovy stats on that line is cut in half.
Ribs line need a good winger whit decent hability and grit.
When we have that and if we keep Kovy and the last dead wood goes away
our team is going to by great until then wait for jugement.
All Ribs and Ryder need is experience and a winger.
Where not suppose to be in the playoff and in the second round this year
we have been spoiled Ribs and Ryder beat all expectation so give credit were
it due.
Maybe they will play better in this serie.

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