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02-27-2008, 09:28 AM
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Originally Posted by DougKnowsBest View Post
but doug would of gotten the deal done for Richards . now that i have sat and read what dallas gave up, im amazed.

not all prospect are going to make it. they all have experation dates. maybe im just a fool, but ill take a nhl all star in his prime, over a prospect goalie anyday. Goalie prospect pffft. goalies come and go. they dont all make it, hell most dont make it.

we just passed on a sure thing so we can take a chance on a maybe

so hey scott, next time you sit down at the negotiations table, bring your wife with you would ya. maybe she has some balls
I don't doubt we could have gambled, upped the ante, and gotten Richards. Dallas is taking a big chance moving a great young goalie given Turco's recent level of performance.

Leclaire would have gotten us Richards. Personally, I'd rather keep our star in net than trade him for a star center. I can understand the other side of the argument, its a tough call to make and one that can make or break your team.

Howson is not a gambler, good or bad, he is what he is....methodic, cautious, and careful.

he could have gambled that we can go 14-4 to finish the season and grab the 8th seed...instead he made the safe move and dealt away the veterans that were marketable for future assets rather than watch them play 18 more games in what will likely be another season without the playoffs.

I can't argue with his logic.

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