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04-25-2004, 06:34 AM
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Sean Hill and Eric Daze

Especially after that first game whooping, there seems to be a lot of talk as to what the Habs need to compete next year if there is a season.
I think many of us, including BG has recongnized that we're missing a #1 D-Man, and a power forward, and a position is available on the 2nd line LW

That being said, BG has already tried to land Sean Hill who will be UFA this summer. I would love to see him on this team. He's big, he plays a Scott Stevens game for nearly 30 minutes, he's got a terrific shot that he uses on the Carolina PP, and most importantly he always makes a great first pass. I'd really like Brisebois to waive his bloody NO Trade clause and stop taking up this team's payroll money which I would imagine Hill would be happy to play for. It would be a 100% raise from his current $2 mill salary.

Every team wants a powerforward with good hands. We need him to play left wing on the 2nd line. Chicago just so happens to have a 6'6 235 pounder that fits that description. Even better, he's an RFA making 3.25 mill this year. As a team still in its early stages of rebuilding, I think a prospect and a pick trade or even two prospects for such a talented player like Daze would entice Chicago to make a deal. I could see Hainsey and Hossa go, or Perez and a 1st rounder.
Like I said in another posting, skilled powerforwards of Daze's size don't come around too often ie Lecavalier, Thornton, Bertuzzi. And we certainly dont have anyone in our prospects that compares to him and the game he brings.

As for our forward prospects that should make the team next year: Higgins, Perez, Plekanec, Hossa. i see no problem with them playing on the third or fourth line and being brought along slowly like Burns did with Thornton in Boston.

Ive never done this, but I'd love to see these lines next year

Higgins-Begin-Hossa/Plekanec/Perez/Sundstrom (if he's still around)


7th man Bouillon

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