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02-27-2008, 01:33 PM
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Originally Posted by DougKnowsBest View Post
but doug would of gotten the deal done for Richards . now that i have sat and read what dallas gave up, im amazed.

not all prospect are going to make it. they all have experation dates. maybe im just a fool, but ill take a nhl all star in his prime, over a prospect goalie anyday. Goalie prospect pffft. goalies come and go. they dont all make it, hell most dont make it.

we just passed on a sure thing so we can take a chance on a maybe

so hey scott, next time you sit down at the negotiations table, bring your wife with you would ya. maybe she has some balls
Your absolutely right. Doug definitively would have gotten the deal done. He would have overpaid, like he always did in the past, to get a guy he likes. Say this about him, he knew what he wanted and did what it took to get it done.

However, therein lies the problem. He would have overpaid for him. We would have thrown in Mason, Brassard, anything to get his guy (if Richards was a Doug Guy). It would have been celebrated with glee on the boards. Doug would go on the radio, and say that he added a character guy, and talk about the playoffs. But we wouldn't have made the Playoffs. Richards wouldn't be a Fedorov, but he wouldn't be our savior either.

And three years down the road, when Richards leaves the team to sign a mega-contract with another team, Leclaire proves that this season was an aberration, injury-wise, and we're left in the lurch, while Tollefsen and Brule have key roles on a playoff-bound Tampa team which Mason carried to success, we'd be decrying this trade, and be in much the same position that we are in now.

Doug's willingness to get the deal done, while exciting from a fans perspective, caused a lot of problems on this team. We'll never forget Scott Lachance, Todd Marchant, and Luke Richardson. Yes, Doug got them. But he severely overpaid for them, crippling the team long after they were gone.

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