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04-25-2004, 12:12 PM
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Originally Posted by SwiftyHab
If we start counting from his rookie season in 95-96, and include his back injury and subsequent surgery which kept him out of the lineup last year for 20+ games going into this season for another 63 games, he still only missed 142 games out of a possible 732 over 9 seasons. Thats not great but its also not bad considering that 1 major injury took up 83 consecutive games of his 142 absentees. I'm not sure what the standard amongst players is, but there are not many Mark Recchi Ironmen out there, and if that back is fully healed (BIG IF, I know) then Daze, IMO, and I would assume comparatively, is not a giant injury risk. But again that depends on the current status of his back.
He may have only missed 142 games in his career, but 91 of those have been in the last 2 seasons. He isn't healthy and is getting any younger or better, his back would be brittle in the East.

I would rather see a young 21 or 22 year old player busting his butt off scoring 10-15 goals as a rookie than seeing Daze score 10-15 goals in 50 games played because of another back injury. It all comes down to youth, money and the future...Daze's name cannot be included in any of those words when it comes to building a winner.

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