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02-27-2008, 05:31 PM
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So many good responses....

Originally Posted by CBJForward View Post
I would like us to finish hard so we get a winning tradition with the young guys. This will help build character for next year when we add key pieces.

Originally Posted by Bobcat110 View Post
...They need to know that they didn't have to rely on Foote and Feds to win and build their confidence. Nothing would make this whole Richards let down better other than to edge Colorado out of this year's playoffs and then knock Dallas out. The media has written this team off as of yesterday...of course, the media wrote this team off in September. Hopefully, they can rally around this and still make an attempt at the playoffs. Regardless of playoffs, they need to finish strong. I fear tanking the remaining games by this young team will do nothing but make them question themselves going into next season.
The Dallas thing is a bit of a fantasy, but hard to disagree...

Originally Posted by The Waco Kid View Post
I'm not torn at all - I want to see wins.

I hope the team takes a Jake Taylor attitude starting tonight; you know:

Jake Taylor: Well then I guess there's only one thing left to do.
Roger Dorn: What's that?
Jake Taylor: Win the whole ****ing thing.
Jake Taylor pwns.

Originally Posted by ShelleyFan45 View Post
I'm with you. All I want is wins. But at the very least, I wanna see the boys continue to play hard. If they play their butts of the rest of the season wins will come. It likely won't be enough for the playoffs but the point is to build a culture of winning and not take games and shifts off. I think were finally heading that way.

And for the record, Major League is a great movie.
Absolutely. As for Major League, where do you think I got my quote?

Originally Posted by PA28Flyer View Post
I agree. However, I'd like to make it into the playoffs along with Colorado, so we get the '08 1st round pick.
Again, a bit of a fantasy, but that would be Major League Cool.

Originally Posted by Skraut View Post
Yeah an extra pick this year is probably easier to flip as part of a trade for a real #1 center.
Yes. Could be valuable as part of a package to go after Richards again after the Stars are eliminated by San Jose.

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