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04-25-2004, 12:40 PM
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Originally Posted by JOrtmeyer41
Rangers should sign Jon Klemm and Todd Simpson to replace Purinton and Mironov, both are better defensive players and tough.
dont know about todd simpson, rather see 2 of these 3 vets signed matvichuk, klemm or maybe sean hill , we could have this opening line up on "d'"

tyutin - kasparitis
pock - klemm
rachunek / lampman - matvichuk

not to high on rachunek rather see our own youth get the shot then some other teams youth lets send rachunek to atlanta with a couple seconds for there first. its no lose with rachunek lampaman jumps right in his spot.
a solid d man with 2young offensive minded d men in lampman and pock to learn the d part of the game, and tyutin who already seems to be very mature and is very good definsively not making many mistakes and shows good offensive talent in flashes will be great witha stay at home d man such as kaspar.
right there we have 3 excellent pieces of youth that will learn the d side of the game from those vets. those 3 combos would be great i think and would work, definitly need vets as someone said we dont want to get ran over dont want these kids to lose confidence and fell there no good buy constantly losing, they need vets to learn from i would say more a youth movement on offense but in the d part of the game have half youth half vets then in 3 years or so these young guys mature enough bring up another couple young guys and let them learn from pock, tyutin, lampman or rachunek thats our best bet . been watching nyr lose for 7 years would like to see some wins here and there

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