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04-25-2004, 03:30 PM
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Originally Posted by RE-HABS
Like these BS threads couldn't have started until after the playoffs. Anyway I'm going to answer it and show ax2+bx+c how wrong he is in his post.

You answer some of your own questions in this part right here...

1. Patrick Roy saying he isn't a Super star yet is like Michael Jordon saying Kobe Bryant is better than Vince Carter, everyone is jealous of the "next one". Theo made all Hab fans and media forget about Roy...that hurts him a little, don't let it fool you. As good as Roy was he has an ego too. Talk to guys like Jeremy Roenick and even Martin Broduer and they will all tell you this kid is a star.

2. How can one prove they are a great playoff performer if it is only the 2nd time you are in the playoffs as the #1? So far as the #1 he has won 2 out of 3 rounds and is in the start of his 4 series...that is pretty good in my opinion and in most experts eyes too. This years team making the playoffs is just one of many years in a row of the team making it and Theo proving his worth.

What has Luongo done? Has he made the playoffs yet? Has he won anything? And you say Theo is paid too much...Luongo doesn't even want to honour the final year of his contract because he wants to be the highest paid goalie in the league at over 8 million per, Broduer doesn't even make that money. Can anyone say Giguere!

Protect him? Hello!!! They are all over the family problems with the loan sharking, his fiance's fathers problems and his photos with the Hells that protecting him, no. Do want him to be bashed in the media by the press like Koivu has or others? I'm glad if they give him special treatment then, it is about time because in this town your under a constant microscope and are made the centre of attention at all times. Good for Theo if he is liked by the media.

Look at other NHL cities, a lot of the media personalities are close friends with some players, it isn't just Montreal.

I don't agree how the French media handled Saku, but once again you are wrong. This whole issue was with Riberio and Saku after their on ice fight, nothing to do with Theo at all.

First off it is 5.5 million.

Secondly Garon should be the starter now? He is a good goalie, but talk about haven't proven your ability in the Playoffs let alone being a #1 in this league.

Third off, what makes you think Theo doesn't make this team feel like a team? Last round every player on that team praised him for his play and said he stepped up and gave them the chance to win!

You really should give your head a shake and should quit embarassing yourself with your lack of knowledge of not only hockey but of your so called "Favorite Team".

Wow you guys.........1st. How good can Theo be with decent defencemen in front of him? Lets get rid of high priced Breezby and no talent Cube before trading Jose.
2nd. Kobe Bryant is much better than Vince Carter "LOL"

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